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If you strive to raise your preschoolers with healthy food, ways to allow their boundless energy and curiosity to work for them instead of forcing them to sit still and quiet, and surrounded by the wonderful feels and smells of nature, then this is the place for you.

Loosely defined, to me preschool naturally means getting out into nature with your children as much as possible. It means that rather than plastic toys with batteries and guided crafts, you’re drawing in mud with sticks, building with rocks, and climbing trees.  Nature and fresh air are so much more beneficial to children than worksheets and structured learning at this age!

You don’t have to be outdoors all day to make this happen – I know we all have responsibilities, obligations, appointments and often other children – but I know from personal experience that even an hour a day can work wonders for learning and confidence. My own children are now 25, 17 and 10 and we have successfully used this approach from day 1.

Join us here for ideas to bring learning to life without spending a fortune, without ticking off boxes, and without judgement or restraint. It’s preschool, naturally.




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